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Welcome to the new era of mesh Wi-Fi

Why is Wi-Fi 6 a must upgrade? 

Wi-Fi 6 essentials

Wi-Fi 6 Wi-Fi 6

The global trend to introduce connectivity as a smart feature to all devices around us leads to a congestion of the network and, thus, a bad user experience. Both home and industrial applications see an increased number of devices per network, increased need for data, and super applications to provide complex services, in real-time. But also other connectivity technologies, such as Bluetooth, Zigbee, Z-Wave, or LTE, are causing increased interference in our environments. That’s why, in the year 2020, we have arrived at the standards of Wi-Fi 6, and Wi-Fi 6E (the 6GHz band). Both Wi-Fi 6 (certified Sep. 16, 2019) and 6E (certified Jan. 3, 2020) is officially known as the 802.11ax standard, enabling Wi-Fi networks to support hundreds of client devices with Gbit/s speeds. 

How much better is Wi-Fi 6/6E compared with Wi-Fi 5? 

Due to advanced features, the 6th standard provides four major advantages in Wi-Fi 6 networks for client devices:  

  • 4x better in dense environments  
  • Faster throughput: deliver up to 40% higher peak data rates for a single client device  
  • 4x Increased network efficiency  
  • Extended battery life of client devices 

Wi-Fi 6

What makes Wi-Fi 6 unique? 

The outstanding technologies


Highly efficient data channeling to multiple devices at once. 


Target Wake Time 

Reduces your device's power and battery consumption. 

Target wake time wi-fi 6

BSS Coloring

By adding an identifier to transmitted information, transmission efficiency is substantially increased.

Bss coloring Wi-Fi 6

Wi-Fi 6

Mercku M6 Wi-Fi 6