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Mercku Wi-Fi

M6 Series Wall Mount

M6 Series Wall Mount

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M6 Series Wall-Mount.

One of our recent developments is this beautiful wall-mount bracket for Mercku M6 and M6a. Placing your WiFi router on an elevation, as opposed to leaving it on the floor, gives the router a clearer line of sight to connect to all of your devices.

Plus, it's a great chance to show off your beautiful router in your interior


Better Performance.
Fabulous Aesthetic.

Mounting your M6 Series Router to the wall will go a long way.

 Improve a WiFi reception for all of your devices with an improved direct line of sight.
Give your device better airflow and less dust build-up.
Show off your beautiful router in your interior.

Result? WiFi indicator with full bars and no-lag streaming. 


There is an added benefit for wall mounting your wireless router; you free up space in your interior, it does not get in your way, plus it looks better, too  😉

Designed for Simplicity.


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