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Mercku Wireless Sensing Bedside Lamp Evaluation Kit

Mercku Wireless Sensing Bedside Lamp Evaluation Kit

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The embedded sensor in the WISe Bedside Lamp collects accurate breathing and movement data without any wearables, cameras, or microphones. Accurate, real-time data is converted into meaningful insights about your health. Available 24/7, see you or your loved ones' vitals in real-time, right in the palm of your hands.


WISe provides long-term health data and disease-related insights using Mercku’s proprietary mmWave radar technology and AI analytics. 

Using non-intrusive radio frequencies to measure biodata, the patented antenna and internal systems provide world-leading data accuracy. Simple to set up, the embedded device also comes with the WISe app for seamless remote monitoring. 

The evaluation kit pricing includes regular and ongoing costs associated with the use of Mercku’s Wireless Sensing Lamp, and regular, over-the-air software and mobile App updates.


Technical Specifications (WISe Sensor)

WISe sensor technical specifications

The Evaluation Kit includes:


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