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Mercku Wireless Sensing Evaluation Kit

Mercku Wireless Sensing Evaluation Kit

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The essentials for building your next Wireless Sensing use-case

Using cutting-edge mmWave technology, Mercku uses the world's only wireless, non-invasive sensor to monitor vitals with medical-grade accuracy, including:

  • Breathing rate
  • Heart rate
  • Heart rate variability
WISe Wireless Intelligence Sensing Demo

*Demo rendering only, final test kit may not be as pictured.

Gather health insights and understand human behaviour and emotions wirelessly.

Mercku's AI and machine learning innovations turn raw biodata into contextual user insights such as:

  • Presence detection in automobiles
  • User or pet drowsiness, fatigue, stress, or anxiety
  • Sleep quality and periods of breathing cessation
  • Water level detection of toilets, tubs and sinks

And are overall an excellent solution for remote patient or pet monitoring.

Learn more about how WISe helps monitor sleep:


24/7 remote monitoring just got easier.

Using Mercku's customizable user-friendly mobile application and cloud management dashboard, users and operators alike have access to their long-term health data and disease-related insights from anywhere, at any time.

Mercku Wireless Intelligent Sensing WISe Sleep Application

Why Mercku?

Our co-development and licensing opportunities provide fast, seamless go-to-market timelines

Mercku WISe can be used as a standalone product, embedded into existing products, or mounted on walls and ceilings - we work with you to provide your perfect monitoring solution.

Mercku's strives for limitless innovation and developed the only wireless sensor in the world with medical-grade vital accuracy

With an engineering team with over 500 patents in wireless communications, rest easy knowing Mercku will continue striving to improve and optimize products and services for you.

We are ready for mass production so you can go-to-market faster

Mercku is partnered with a production facility capable of manufacturing up to half a million modules per month.


The evaluation kit pricing includes regular and ongoing costs associated with the use of Mercku’s Wireless Sensing Test Kit, and regular, over-the-air software and mobile App updates.

To learn more, please contact us at 

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